Emblem Solutions Launches to Offer New Wireless Device Options at Affordable Prices

Emblem Solutions to Make Devices Available Exclusively to AT&T and CricketCustomers on the Nation’s Best Network

ATLANTA, Oct. 25, 2018 – Emblem Solutions*, a new wireless device supplier, launched today and announced plans to bring new affordable smartphone, tablet and feature phone options to consumers and businesses in 2019.

Following a financial investment and strategic agreement from AT&T today, including two AT&T representatives on Emblem’s board, Emblem Solutions announced plans to be an AT&T private-label device supplier. These will be offered exclusively to AT&T wireless, AT&T PREPAID and Cricket Wireless customers on the nation’s best network according to America’s biggest test.1The first devices are scheduled to launch by the end of 2019.

“We’re looking to bring balance to wireless device pricing at a time when the costs of components, tariffs and manufacturing continue to increase with no relief in sight for customers,” said Lew Palumbo, chief executive officer at Emblem Solutions. “AT&T’s scale and commitment to customers makes them the perfect provider to make this vision a reality.”

“AT&T remains focused on providing the industry’s leading mobile device portfolio,” said Kevin Petersen, senior vice president of wireless device and network experiences. “Emblem Solutions will make it possible to offer customers the device features they already know and expect and at a price tag they’ll love.”

Based on multiple studies, now is the right time for this strategic move for Emblem Solutions. The average selling price of a smartphone is up 10.3% in 2018, feature phone shipments worldwide grew by 5% in 2017and more than half the U.S.population will use a tablet on a regular basis by 2019. Additionally, Emblem Solutions will help diversify phone development by expanding opportunities in more countries across Asia – including in India, Indonesia and Vietnam – to offer new wireless device options for customers.

Emblem Solutions provides a range of local support service to its technology providers, including product planning, technology and design, engineering, manufacturing support, forward and reverse logistics, and carrier support. Learn more about Emblem Solutions at www.emblemsolutions.com.

1 Based on GWS OneScore Sept. 2018. Excludes crowd source studies.

*About Emblem Solutions

We leverage our experience and expertise to get your products and innovations into the mobile communications marketplace.  We help technology manufacturers develop private-label opportunities with multinational brands.  Use our strategic experience to connect your innovative technologies to the marketing power of major brands. Our collaborative approach to private-label branding will give you direct access to a ready-to-run sales channel.  Learn more at www.emblemsolutions.com.

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