Device Expertise

Our commitment to the mobile category is bringing a new generation of phones to the market.

We create products that meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers. We seek to enhance the user experience and back it with solid technology and quality.

Emblem Solutions Device Expertise

Smart Phones

Through our partnerships, we bring a new generation of nationally-branded phones to major markets.

Our phones feature Google’s Android operating system, KaiOS, and other emerging technologies. Our smart phone product line focuses on core features that deliver user satisfaction and functionality.

Emblem Solutions Smart Phones

Feature Phones

Today’s cell phones deliver endless entertainment and powerful functionality, but not everyone needs a digital life. Many people seek to make calls, send texts, and maintain an address book – with product durability and a long battery life.

Emblem Solutions brings a new generation of phones to this growing no-frills market.

Emblem Solutions Feature Phones


While conventional touchscreen tablets have long commanded the market, new options have taken the lead. Detachable keyboards and convertible clamshells now offer ultralight ease with laptop functionality.

Emblem Solutions Tablets